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During proofreading- in accordance with the type of the translation ordered- we compare the finished translation with the source text, with particular attention to text content, vocabulary, grammar, language and style. We’ve got a team of proofreaders waiting to tackle whatever kind of document you want cleaned up, even as a completion of the translation work, or as a seperate task.

Proofreading is a control process, where we supervise translations in regard to grammar and style, with comparision of the source and target texts. During the revision, our proofreaders will make essential stylistic, grammatical and word usage corrections and propose necessary improvements. Professionally checked texts correspond to all norms and rules of the target language.

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Professional proofreading is a revision aimed specifically at reviewing translations in case of unusual text contents or texts with uncommon vocabulary words and phrases, with the express purpose of checking specific terminology. Proofreading is always done by a professional proofreader, who is an expert with excellent knowledge of the specific field.
Just as thorough proofreading, specialized proofreading also includes comparison of the source text with the target text, however, the primary aim of the specialized proofreading service is, to review the terminology for correctness, accuracy, uniformity and consistency.


We recommend thorough proofreading for reviewing documents of great importance or texts prepared for a special purpose – such as publications, or for the purpose of official procedures. This service involves the sentence-by-sentence comparison of the source language and the target language text in the matter of terminological uniformity and consistency, grammar, language and style.
Our professional translators- with a high standard of linguistic competence and high level of specialised knowledge- always strive for the highest quality possible. Yet with certain types of texts, especially with texts mentioned above, we expressly recommend thorough text revision as well.
In the case of certified translations or official translations, the thorough proofreading service is mandatory (i.e. without proofreading, you cannot order neither a certified translation nor an official translation).


Linguistic proofreading is known as general proofreading or native language proofreading. In case of these linguistic-grammatical text revisions, the proofreader does not compare the target text with the source text, but reviews the target text alone, regarding terminology, uniformity, consistency, style and grammar characteristics. Due to these characteristics, proofreading not only works for translated texts, but Interwine is also pleased to check grammar and style for professional texts written in Hungarian or a foreign language, such as studies, reports, company introductions etc.

How much? We’re glad you asked. Proofreading is charged at 50% of the price that would be charged for the translation of the same text.