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Translations from the field of ECONOMY


Documents specified as economic include an extremely wide range of topics: beginning with the quarterly or annual company reports thorough stock exchange announcements even the correspondence with the tax authorities, but often the translation of a website can be classified into this category. Intertwine is your ideal and professional partner in translation as its professional team of translators will provide you with excellent linguistic approach within the terminology, having in mind customer’s requirements and tight deadlines.

Translation of LEGAL texts


Translation of legal text is a very specific area as it does not only require accurate translation but it also must strictly comply with the specific target language’s terminology. Intertwine works with experts who not only know and use on the everyday basis the professional language terminology, but they daily assignments provide linguistic services to solicitors, law firms and corporations successfully completing deeds, decisions, and public contract’s translations

Technical & Medical translations


User guides, technical specifications, manuals and other technical contents are essential accessories of our life nowadays. Therefore Intertwine’s team of translators since years has been a trusted partner of different manufacturers within the automotive, chemical, construction field and additionally to medical device manufacturers who require seamless and thorough language solutions, translations from us to help them reach their customers demanding perfection.

Why to choose Intertwine as language service partner







Our professional team of translators provides native – level language services, with on demand high capacity and with the fastest lead time even in the most critical file formats, always keeping ourselves strictly to the delivery time. Intertwine undertakes language services in language pairs mentioned on our website. Try us and be the next „TRUSTED” one!

Get a free quote or ring us now: +353 85 1890 427

Document translation

Everything is globalized nowadays so our needs naturally follow this setup and what comes with it: today everybody needs a translation. No matter what kind, as it can also be a translation of a general, economic or legal text. Our company is here to provide you with the best language service possible. Our team is built up of language experts, who provide professional translations on a native level and with high efficiency.

The translation itself shall not be translated word by word “mirroring” the source language’s meaning, but it has to give apart from the equal, adequate meaning, the linguistic world of the target language. To fulfill these requirements we work only with native translators and provide our services using translation technology, saving time and energy for our customers and translators. All these components ensure faster delivery time and cost – efficient solutions for our partners.